Tours of Haberfield: Past and Present, Parts One, Two and Three

The Sydney suburb of Haberfield was established by the estate agent Richard Stanton in the same year as Federation occurred in Australia- 1901. Haberfield was Australia’s first planned Garden Suburb and is noted for its array of Federation style houses as well as those from the late Victorian and inter-war periods.

Heritage - The Garden Suburb

The self-guided tours in these two books are designed to enable the reader to walk through the streets of the Victorian Dobroyde Estate and Stanton’s Haberfield Estate thereby viewing and gaining further knowledge and appreciation of their respective characters. By the use of old photographs, one can see how Haberfield once was- hence the title of these books “Tours of Haberfield: Past and Present”. They can be used also as a means of research for those interested in restoring aspects of Haberfield’s original character. They would also be useful to students of architecture and town-planning in the late-19th and early-20th centuries in Australia.

Photographs have been chosen to show buildings or scenes which have been altered or are no longer extant. Most photographs are privately owned and not usually available to the public. The tour notes are about the buildings themselves as well as the people associated with them.